Terms and Conditions of Sale

Before you place your order, give this page a good read so you know how we do business. We don’t have the flashiest marketing, but our quality and prices are second to none. Our goal is to make sure our customers are able to purchase the chemicals they need from one place, without the need to search multiple vendors for the grade, quantity, or price they require. We are happy to serve schools, businesses small and large, home study groups, and amateur scientists. Unfortunately, some chemicals have been deemed “restricted” because a minority of people use them for nefarious purposes. These restrictions are listed in the catalog under each affected item. While we are a private business, and we don’t actively inform on our customers, we cooperate fully with investigations into the inappropriate use of our products.

Every item is sold for laboratory use only! None of our products are offered for manufacture of food, cosmetics, weapons, drugs, pranks, jokes, terrorism, abuse, or any other illegal or immoral purpose.

Read and understand all labels, SDS, and laboratory procedures before attempting any new experiment. All chemicals can be properly and safely handled if the user understands the hazards and protects against them. Most lab accidents occur when people are complacent or uninformed. If you have any questions, ask us! We have lots of experience in the lab and we know our products well. That said, the responsibility to keep you safe and in compliance with federal, state, and local laws is yours and yours alone.

All items available for order on this website are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. We have an ever-growing catalog of other items in process, and access to thousands of items from the best brands in laboratory chemicals. If you require something not listed on the website, send us a request for quote and we’ll provide a high quality product at a budget-friendly price. Orders from our website may be paid by any major credit card or PayPal. Mail in orders may be paid by credit card or check. Businesses and schools may request credit terms. These are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, but are typically “Net 30 days”.


Shipping of all products is done with the most economical method, unless otherwise requested by the customer. Some chemicals may incur a carrier-imposed surcharge. Items that require special packaging (such as a poison pack) will also be assessed an additional fee for such packaging. These surcharges are noted in the individual chemical listings and will appear in your shopping cart. Depending on carrier restrictions, we ship most orders through the United States Postal Service, United Parcel Service (UPS), or Federal Express (FedEx). Large orders, or orders containing items that are not accepted by these carriers, may be shipped by common carrier. All shipping charges must be prepaid by the customer.


We guarantee the quality of all items we sell, and will gladly accept returns on defective items. If you order too much, or the wrong item, we can usually accept the return if the items is in brand new and sellable condition, but will assess a 20% restocking fee. No returns will be accepted without a Return Authorization clearly written on the package. SOME CHEMICALS CANNOT BE RETURNED DUE TO SPECIAL SHIPPING AND HANDLING REQUIREMENTS! If you receive the wrong item, we will work with you to remedy the problem.

Regulated Goods

Many common chemicals are regulated by various agencies to “fight crime”. In these cases, customers are required to have certain paperwork on file with Liberty Scientific that positively identifies the buyer and provides a statement of use for the regulated items. Written orders are required, and that means the order must be sent to us by mail. This does delay orders, but our philosophy is that legitimate use of chemicals should be encouraged. Many of our competitors do not wish to deal with the paperwork, but we will. Contact us with your chemical needs, and we will work with you to ensure the relevant regulations are followed properly.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple. We collect only the data necessary to fill your order, and we use it only for that purpose and the occasional marketing messages. We hate spam as much (or more) than you do, so rest assured you will not get any from us. We use SSL encryption on every page of our website.

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