Surplus Collection

We offer a service in and around the Chicago (Illinois) area to collect laboratory surplus and recycle it. This includes chemicals, glassware, laboratory equipment, and consumables. Disposal of perfectly good chemicals is an expensive proposition. This service does NOT treat your usable chemicals as waste. Recycling chemicals is an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to disposal as waste. What’s more, we offer flat rate service fees whether you have five items or five hundred.

Eligible Items:
• Commercially packaged chemicals in original containers (new or used)
• No foreign objects in the chemical bottles
• Labels must be intact and legible, and accurately describe contents
• Mercury-containing instruments (intact and not leaking)
• Glassware, equipment, and supplies
• All items subject to acceptance at the time of service

Ineligible Items:
• Experimental products or byproducts
• Chemical waste
• Unlabeled bottles, scratched out labels, refilled bottles
• Containers that are structurally compromised
• Light bulbs, batteries, pesticides, explosives, organic mercury compounds, radioactive materials.
• We reserve the right to refuse ANY item for ANY reason.

Chemical Credits:
Just because you don’t need some of the chemicals you have in stock doesn’t mean you don’t need any chemicals. Every surplus chemical (or item) we collect can earn “credits” that can be applied to new chemical purchases made within twelve (12) months of the service call.

Credits do not apply towards shipping, and there is no cash back. Minimum purchases may be required to apply credits. They’re perfect for reducing the cost of your annual chemical order!

Flat Rate Service Fees:
• Independent Laboratories, $45
• Middle Schools and High Schools, $80
• Colleges and Universities, $110
• Business and Industrial, $140
• Locations north of Route 58, west of Route 59, south of Route 6, or east of Route 50 are subject to an additional fee of $20. Locations in southern Wisconsin, Northwest Indiana, south of Route 17, or west of Route 47 are subject to an additional fee of $30. If your location is more than two hours from Chicago, please call or email for a quote.
• Discounts are available for multiple locations (such as a school district or businesses with multiple sites).
• We can handle larger volumes of surplus, such as “expired” sample lots, open and uncontaminated bulk chemicals, discarded “retain” samples, and other sources of chemicals or formulations that, by default, go to waste streams when they could still be usable. Call or email and we will work with you to find a solution.

Other Services

Inventory Assistance

Still don’t have a proper chemical inventory? We can help! We can provide advice or on-site assistance for gathering up all of your chemicals, evaluating their usefulness in your operation, creating a complete inventory, and removing the surplus you don’t need anymore.

Packages start at $300 plus an hourly rate for time spent at your location over four (4) hours. Call or email for more information!

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